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“Rebuild Manufacturing” represents the latest installment of Michele Nash-Hoff’s tireless efforts to promote the strengthening of U.S. manufacturing. The book demonstrates her encyclopedic knowledge of the problems that have beset manufacturing but, more importantly, presents manufacturers, policymakers and other readers with insightful recommendations for actions that will improve U.S. industrial competitiveness and the American economy.”

Steve Minter, Sr. Editor, Industry Week

"Michele’s latest book is a “Master Work” and a must read for those who wish to know the UNVARNISHED FACTS concerning the impact of ‘Global Free Trade Agreements’ (FTA’s) upon America and American Workers over the last generation. Her book is loaded with Charts and References which portray a compelling story of the failure of the existing FTA’s, and why it is now necessary to return to an ‘Americans First’ Manufacturing Policy as opposed to an ‘Everyone Else First’ Policy.”

Den Black, President of the American Jobs Alliance

At a given level of demand there are only two ways to rebuild manufacturing: export more or import less. Importing less, reshoring, is much the easier to achieve. Michele has been an active and effective reshoring advocate, helping to launch the trend in 2010."

Harry Moser, founder & President of the Reshoring Initiative

"Michele Nash-Hoff has long been the top spokeswoman for restoring American manufacturing and a fierce advocate for trade reform. Her informed opinion is critical to anyone wishing to understand the restoring movement and the seismic shift in American politics it has promulgated." 

Greg Autry, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California and co-author of Death by China

"For many years Michele Nash-Hoff has been unwavering in her support for U.S. manufacturing. In her latest book, she not only presents the challenges facing U.S. manufacturing and the national security issues that arise when we offshore so much of our manufacturing capabilities; she also continues to provide insight and ideas to reverse the harmful trend of a globalized economy."

Steve Cozzetto, President, Century Rubber Company

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